Rohit Singh, the right candidate for Ward 1

About me

I’m Rohit Singh and I am running as a candidate in Ward 1 for Newmarket council where I’ve been living for several years with my wife raising our daughter of 2 years old.  I’m a licensed Paralegal and Realtor by profession.
I would like to bring to Newmarket council a fresh new voice that will serve the residents with honesty, integrity, and vision.
I will make sure to put safety at the top of my priority list and establish a volunteer-based Community Watch program to bring the feeling of community back into Ward 1. I will advocate to make the community more convenient and connected in terms of transit and so forth.
I will ensure that our community traffic is more safe with more bollards and/or stop signs to control the speed limit. Our small children are the future and we need to protect them when they are playing outside on the streets.
I also will improve and increase more community social activities in Ward 1, and continue to work with York Region District School Board regarding the school in the Copper Hills area.
I highly encourage you to vote for me!
I will keep every resident in mind at all times at Newmarket Council and will certainly represent Ward 1 residents with the best interest and utmost good faith and honesty.
Please vote for me and let me be the voice for the people, Singh for the People!

Rohit Kumar Singh
Ward 1 candidate for Newmarket Council