Rohit’s past experience of working at a higher level of government would be a great asset for town of Newmarket. He knows exactly where to go to solve any residents’ government related issue, especially if those issues overlap into Federal or Provincial jurisdictions. Ward 1 and the Town of New market could use someone with his higher level government experience.

Brian Morris

As a resident of ward 1 I appreciate Rohit Singh’s honest approach and that he is willing to listen to the citizens concerns and help find a way to come to a solution. I have worked with Rohit on a couple of occasions and feel that he is the best choice for ward 1 with his honesty and ability to listen and integrity.

Jennifer Hanna

I’m very pleased to formally endorse Rohit Singh as the councillor for Ward 1. I’ve known Rohit to always be a generous volunteer with Rotary Newmarket and would spend countless hours within the community participating in many events around town. Rohit has always demonstrated the traits that would be important for any Newmarket Councillor to possess. I strongly support Rohit’s platform and especially the part about establishing a volunteer based Community Watch program because the safety of the community is paramount. As a resident living in Ward 1, I know that my vote for Rohit will allow him to be my voice at council with honesty, integrity and vision.

Amphay Sisavang 
I believe that Rohit Singh would make an excellent addition to Newmarket Town Council as a Councillor for Ward 1. Rohit actively participates in local events and his involvement with the Rotary Club has given him an even better understanding of our community. I have always found Rohit to be responsive, helpful and professional in my dealings with him.
David Robinson 
I own a home in Newmarket, Ward 1 and have two daughters living in the Stonehaven area. I have known and worked with Rohit for several years now. Rohit is dedicated to doing the best job ,in the right way in every endeavor that he tackles. He will be making progressive decisions for Newmarket as a Councilor. I know he will be an excellent Ward 1 Councilor and I will be voting for him.
David Hanna
I have had the pleasure of meeting Rohit at a number of community events over the last couple years. 
As an entertainer that frequents ward 1, I have always received endless support from Not only Rohit, but his entire family. 
Rohit is always offering his support in all of my community support events, and has a true passion for making our community better, safer, and happier. 
I give Rohit my support and I know that he will continue to advocate for the community in every way possible. Very proud to know Rohit and provide my endorsement.
Rachel Stewart (a.k.a Elsa of York Region)


September 11, 2018

Re: Rohit Kumar Singh


It is my honour and pleasure to endorse Rohit Kumar Singh for Town Counsellor of Ward 1. Although I do not reside in Ward 1, I have had opportunity at the restaurant to witness how passionate Rohit is for our community. I do see Rohit’s support on a weekly basis by his volunteer hours with the Rotary Club. Raising community awareness and addressing concerns. His offering to assist us with serving our local Food Pantry clients in Town on Thanksgiving is another example as to how well he will represent the community of Ward 1. From a technical standpoint, Rohit’s experience around local government will enable Rohit to address local concerns in a very professional manner. I wish Rohit, the best of luck during the election and look forward to working together in the future.

Thank you,

Jennifer McLachlan


“Servicing the Community one plate at a time”